Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liberty Belle is Whistling

My friend and fellow Parcbench contributor, Don Smith, my go-to guy for speech-writing and other career-related advice, posted an in-depth article with me today on the Parcbench site. Taking a slight break from politics, my interviewer focused mainly on my existing novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal and my forthcoming (before the summer is over, I am determined) novel Sea To Shining Sea.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my first work of fiction, which incorporates many cultural themes in the context of a star-crossed love story. Given the frenzied pace of the necessary -- and oftentimes disheartening -- political activism of the past 15 months, it sure was nice to take a few moments to share my thoughts on fiction, self-publishing and the role of the writer in the age of social media. Here's an excerpt:

QUESTION: It seems to me also that we do live in a world where anger, revenge or gloominess wins the day. “Water Signs” seems the opposite of that. There is a level of hope running through it. Without sounding like something syrupy, do you believe in hope?

DARIA DIGIOVANNI: There’s a fantastical element to the book that allows for a bit of “escapism”, even as the characters endure some pretty tough emotional traumas.

As I mentioned, it is loosely autobiographical, so I can tell you without a doubt I firmly believe in hope, faith and belief in a Higher Power, which I refer to as God. These are the things that have helped me emerge victoriously — along with the love and support and family and friends — from the sometimes overwhelming difficulties I’ve faced in my own life, including panic and anxiety disorder.

Madeline’s experience with this emotional problem in the book mirrors mine exactly. And the ultimate value in finally overcoming it for both Madeline and me, is ‘Wow, if I can conquer that, I can conquer just about anything’, with a little help from above, of course.

I’ve gotten positive feedback from countless readers suffering from this same malady in which they thank me for giving them hope that they too, can get over it.

Click over to the site to read the entire thing and, if you are so inclined, post a comment or two. While you're there, check out all of the excellent posts. It's greatly appreciated by Kellen, Michael, Sid and the entire crew of Parcbench writers, who are among the most talented, thoughtful and creative people I've been associated with.

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